Blindz Direct are pleased to announce the introduction of a category 2 team this season.  The north island outfit who have been the home of the likes of Michael Torckler and Joshua Aldridge is now also the home of a new team of five promising riders who will race category 2 events this year.

The elite level Blindz Direct squad are no strangers to being at the sharp end of New Zealand cycling.  The team are one of the finest in the country and they possess one of the nation’s finest in the form of Michael Torckler, two time winner of the Dyhamo Team Championship.  Last year at the Team Championship Torckler took his second consecutive series victory out of two editions of the series.  

The team, that also included Cameron Wynniatt, Joshua Aldridge, Sam Titter-Dower, Gregory Marfell, Paul Duynhoven and Jason Thomason finished second just 5 points behind Spoken Coaching.

As the New Zealand season approaches so too does a new approach for the team as they introduce a five-man category 2 team who will be focussing on a combination of development under the mentorship of experience.  The roster for the category 2 team is:

Mel Titter

Simon Brown

Paul Duynhoven

Ronan Avery

Isaac Burton

Talking to RoadCycling, Blindz Direct’s media officer Chad Williams, told us, “Ronan and Isaac are juniors with a ton of potential. They’ll be mentored by the other 3 guys who have top level racing experience. This will help develop the guys into a position where they can be fierce Cat 1 riders.”

What Blindz Direct are looking to do is provide something of a ‘ladder up’ strategy, bridging the gap to their category 1 outfit that possesses international pedigree.  “The reason we are so excited about our Cat 2 team is it allows us to go back to our grass roots and develop young talented, enthusiastic riders who are passionate about getting to that ‘next level’. We now have a stepping stone rather than just a seemingly unobtainable top level team,” Williams said.


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