It’s been announced that Bora-Argon18’s Sam Bennett was one of the crash victims from stage 1 of the Tour who came off a little worse than the rest.  The Irishman, and teammate of Shane Archbold, was stretchered away to hospital after finishing the stage; following the last kilometre crash.

The crash that upset a number of sprinters in their bid for victory occurred well inside the last kilometre.  It means that while several riders – including Shane Archbold and George Bennett – crossed the line having lost significant time in the crash; they were given the same time as stage 1 winner Mark Cavendish.

But for Sam Bennett the news was not good.  He got up and completed the stage, supported to the end by his loyal domestique Archbold, but the sight of his right arm unable to clutch the handlebars is a sight that no an wishes on anybody.

While nothing has been confirmed as to exactly what damage has been done, Bora-Argon18 announced on Twitter that Sam Bennett had been taken away to the hospital.  Nothing has been said as to whether or not Bennett will start stage 2 of the Tour de France.  It was later confirmed that there had been no broken bones or serious injuries; however whether he will begin stage two is still unknown.

Elsewhere GC favourite and former champion Alberto Contador also came down, taking a lot of skin off of his right shoulder and upper back.  His condition is still not completely known, but given that he was able to complete stage and lift himself out of the saddle – thus putting weight on his shoulder and arm – it looks like his injuries were more flesh wounds and he will be able to continue.

We will keep you updated of any developments as we hear of them.


Photo: Sirotti


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