While most people are bringing their international seasons to an end Shane Archbold’s is only just beginning.  Shane’s return to racing has been long awaited and is extremely welcome.  Tonight he makes his official return to UCI racing at the Coppa Agostoni in Italy.  We spoke to Shane as the Bora-Hansgrohe fast man gets set to make his season debut!

RC:  First of all tell us what it’s like to be back racing again after such a long stint out of competitive racing. 

Shane:  Amazing simply amazing . . .  as always Belgium put on some tough conditions with 3/4 races raining but that didn’t stop me from enjoying it to the fullest, I love cycling and missed the action far too much.

RC:  What was the purpose of the 4 days you spent in Belgium and how do you feel that purpose was met? 

Shane:  That was simple, I was there to show the team the injury was behind me and put some finishing touches on my condition.  After so long out of racing I have lost that racing edge so I went to Belgium to find it.  And obviously with picking up a 4th I found it and gained the racing experience again. Anyone can train themselves fit in my eyes but you’re never race ready with without some unpredictable racing km’s in the legs.

RC:  What does the rest of this season hold for you?

Shane:  I start my season officially in Italy with 3 one day races 13-14 and 16th.  Then I have further two more weeks training to find the final few % I’m lacking and I’ll finish the season with 2 World Tour tours in Turkey and China.  These will be the important races to get through to show I’m back at my best.

RC:  Can you give us an insight into what you’re looking for in 2018 as I imagine that would be something that’s been on your mind for a while now.

Shane:  Contract season is always hard and my situation has made it that much harder but it’s something I’m not stressing about.  Obviously I don’t have one next year and I’m looking for one as I’m not done with pro cycling.  But it’s something that will fall into place for itself, if I’m good enough it will show and someone will pick me up going forward, I have nothing for the moment but time will tell.


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