Heading into the K1 elite women’s race Amanda Jamieson was easily one of the favourites for victory.  At the end of the day she emerged as worthy winner in a three-up sprint finish.  RoadCycling caught up with her briefly after the race.

RC:  First of all you were third last year, first this time around.  How are you feeling after your effort out there?

Amanda:  I was disappointed with third place last year and was really determined to get the win this year. I knew this would be tough and I wasn’t sure how my form would be on such a hilly course after just coming back from racing in Europe.  My legs are a bit tired now but I’m still happy with how it all eventuated. 

RC:  Did the fact that the field was quite small have a strong influence on the way you approached the race from a strategy perspective?

Amanda:  I knew that having a small field would mean that we would all have to work hard together to make the race challenging, and from a strategic perspective I knew it would be whoever had the legs and endurance to see it through to the finish. 

RC:  One of the exciting things about the K1 is the course change every year.  How was the climb of Kopu-Hikuai and did it make the race substantially harder than last year’s ride

Amanda:  It’s always nice to have a different course each year as the start rotates around the different towns. I was a bit nervous about the Thames to Tairua section as it contained the Kopu-Hikuai climb, which I have never ridden or experienced before. I was going into that section of the course ‘blind’, only going off what I had been told by others (it didn’t sound appealing!)

I found the Kopu-Hikuai quite challenging and it definitely made the race competitive, and this is where the winning break formed.  I found today’s course contained hills that suited my style of climbing, compared to last year’s race, which I found significantly harder, particularly going over the Whangapararoa.


Photo: Chris Sexton / Faction Photography


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