Amanda Jamieson is headed abroad to the Netherlands based Maaslandster Nicheliving CCN team in 2017.  A great step forward in her career, her first full season in Europe, that will see her away from her Mike Greer Homes Women’s Cycling Team, will be a massive challenge but one which she looks forward to eagerly.  RoadCycling took the opportunity to catch up with her.

RC:  First of all this is very exciting news to hear that you are headed into a new chapter of racing in 2017.  First of all tell us who Maaslandster Nicheliving CCN are.

Amanda:  Maaslandster Nicheliving CCN is a Dutch based cycling team who primarily targets taking on riders who have competed at an elite national level in their home country, but have not had access to National Academies or Professional programs. The team has a number of riders from various countries, and participates in UCI, National and Club level races across Europe.

RC:  What do you anticipate that things will be like being able to step up into a full season of racing in Europe in 2017?

Amanda:  I am really looking forward to taking on a full season over in Europe. I know it is going to be challenging, difficult, fast paced and all full on, especially after having a small taste of what the racing, and European scene was like this year. However, I am working hard with my coach, Dylan Stewart, to make sure that I am well prepared and able to handle the big step up in racing for a full season. 

Team work is going to be one major aspect of 2017, and after two years of riding for Mike Greer Home’s Women’s Cycling Team here in NZ, I feel it has given me great preparation to take the step up. I have really enjoyed being part of MGH team and I am looking forward to not only stepping up a level of racing but moving up to a higher level team and having their great support for the European season. 

RC:  How important was it for you to make this step up in 2017?

Amanda:  It was very important for me to make the step up in 2017 as I knew I needed to be out of New Zealand, racing abroad in an overseas team.  The racing in NZ nowhere near compares to what it is like over in Europe, as I found when I experienced some racing in Belgium and Holland this year.  To be in a European team for 2017, is the first big step I need to take, to get more experience and knowledge, so that I can continue moving forward and eventually make it into a top professional UCI women’s team. Mike Greer Homes Women’s cycling team has certainly helped set me up for this transition.

RC:  What does signing for Maaslandster Nicheliving CCN mean for you in terms of your training priorities and racing schedule in New Zealand now?

Amanda:  My racing and training schedule will not change much at all, I will still be doing a lot of my favourite NZ races such as K1, Taupo and also competing in the Dynamo Team series, but I will only be focusing on peaking for specific New Zealand races such as the Elite Road Nationals. I am aiming for a good result from this and then after that I will focus on training and preparing myself for the European season ahead. 

I will start by having a small rest after Elites then building up again as I will be straight into racing the spring classics when I arrive in Europe.  I am aiming to be strong in the middle of the year instead of March/April which is usually when the other big NZ races are.


Photo:  rickoshayphotos


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