The Altuvita is a compact, weatherproof Elements Case designed to provide a comfortable solution to carrying the necessities on a ride.  As we found out, the Elements Case is a well thought through addition to the riding experience that pays attention to an important afterthought.

For three years the team at Altuvita set about trying to find the ultimate solution to the problem of what to do with the essentials of wallet, keys, phone, when it comes time to get out on the roads or trails for an extended period of time.  Simply putting them in the jersey pocket leaves them exposed to the conditions – which, lets face it, New Zealand . . . . four seasons . . . . one day . . . .  The added problem is that in taking out food I have to be careful not to accidentally lose something from the pockets in the process.

I’ve done the old put-them-in-a-sandwich-bag approach in the past which solves the weather problem but still means I run the risk of keys scratching phone and rattling around.  Something compact would be eminently more desirable.

Entura Altuvita’s Elements Case.  It’s small, with internal measurements at just 150mmx70mm; but it’s just large enough; and that seems to be the theme.  Four pockets on one side of the case allow for cards, cash and a couple of keys; while on the other side two small elastic sleeves have space for a variety of phones; with the list of phone models compatible with the Elements Case listed on their website.  

The Altuvita Elements Case provides a weatherproof solution for storing the essentials on a ride, photo Altuvita

My Samsung Galaxy S7 fits perfectly, and even with its waterproof cover on it, it just about fits inside the case; although with the cover on it doesn’t quite fit inside the sleeves but that’s a very minor quibble as it remains secure regardless.

Having been stressed-tested in cycling’s great weather adversaries – wind, rain, snow, sleet, mud, cold (even heat and sweat) – the Elements Case has passed for its ability to protect all the necessities well.  

There are things that the Elements Case doesn’t allow for.  It won’t fit my wallet, it won’t fit a bunch of keys; but it’s not designed to.  It’s designed to accommodate for the things you will need  on your ride; it’s necessities-driven technology, providing the answer to the question ‘what must I have on my ride, and how can I protect them from the conditions?’

It’s not the easiest to handle should you need to pull over and answer the phone in a hurry, but I think that’s the necessary trade-off.  The Elements Case provides an uncompromising barrier to weather conditions, and in doing so its zip – while perfectly functional – is protected enough from the rain that it is just a little resistant when opening.

Currently the team at Altuvita are running their Autumn Limited Time Only Offer of 25% off.  Go to to get hold of yours.


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