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Quality news direct from the source

Daily real time updates. Don’t wait for a magazine to summarise the news months after the fact,

we bring you the news as it happens each and every day – including weekends.

Exclusive interviews with New Zealand’s leading cyclists. From George Bennett to Cameron Karwowski, Patrick Bevin to Rushlee Buchanan, Sam Gaze to Samara Sheppard, we interview Kiwi cyclists from all around the world.
Coverage of both women and men’s racing. New Zealand has top cyclists across all levels of racing.  We follow bring you the news of all the Kiwi successes.
Accredited news from the pro-tour teams. We receive team stage reports and updates from the riders after all the big races to understand the stories behind the podium.  The results never tell the whole story!
Accredited news from the big races across Europe, America and Australia. We don’t get to attend many international races, but through accredited media status we receive photos, stages reports and interviews from the organisers.
Accredited media status with the UCI and ASO. If anything big happens in the sport of cycling, we are one of the first to know.
Photos from Sirotti. The biggest races in the world covered by Stefano Sirotti, one of the world’s most sought after names in cycling photography. reserves the right to decline an advertiser or booking on whatever grounds it chooses.

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