The Hobbiton Movie Set Gran Fondo is one of the hottest new events in 2019.  Part of the Three Peaks RIDE New Zealand Cycling Festival, we’re getting ready to get kitted out and head to the start line along with hundreds of others to take on the 103km of riding.  We’ve benefited from the input of Steelsprings Performance Coaching’s Aaron Strong, who’s got some handy tips to make your ride a successful one.


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Steelsprings Performance Coaching


Steelsprings Performance Coaching is providing training support for riders taking on the inaugural Hobbiton Movie Set Gran Fondo; and being that this includes us we thought we’d ask the man himself about some of the elements that will be going into our ride.  We’re not expecting to blow up any course records or get any Strava KOMs on the day (especially as just a few hours later the pros will be rolling through), but we do want to get through the day successfully, arrive at the finish line with a smile on our face, having enjoyed the day rather than endured the suffering!

Here Aaron gives us the benefits of his wisdom and talks us through what to expect on the day, gives us tips on bunch riding and also helps us out with a bit of advice around nutrition and hydration prep.  He’s put us at ease a fair bit and now it’s onto the training!

To download Aaron Strong’s training programme for the Hobbiton Movie Set Gran Fondo click here.  Get signed up for this or one of the many other 2019 events that comprise the RIDE Festival here.  To find out more about Steelsprings Performance Coaching click here.


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