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This is not easy to write but it has to be written and so to you wonderful people who have read, watched or been a part of our content over the years, here’s the following announcement:


Hey guys,

This is not easy to write but it has to be written and so to you wonderful people who have read, watched or been a part of our content over the years, here’s the following announcement:

For the last five and a half years since we took over as owners of RoadCycling.co.nz it’s been an incredible journey that we’ve been taken on.  We’ve been honoured to play a role in supporting cycling in New Zealand.  We’ve had so many highs and gotten to meet so many wonderful people from all walks of the cycling industry.  Cycling is, in my opinion, the greatest sport in the world.  I spent my teenage years pursuing a career as a professional cyclist; and sadly simple lack of ability held me back.  Enthusiasm for the sport never stopped though, and our thanks go out to Glenn Te Raki who first gave me an opportunity to be a part of cycling in New Zealand as a journalist back in 2013 when he was at the helm of RoadCycling.co.nz.  

It was Glenn who gave me my first chance at a career in cycling, and since Marion and I took over from him, I’ve loved being able to pursue that career.  It’s been a thrill seeing the sport grow in New Zealand from grassroots all the way to Olympic, World Championship and grand tour level.  We’ve loved the interaction the riders have graciously given us across the spectrum, working with team managers, race directors, coaches, sponsors to build the influence cycling has in New Zealand.

This statement is to announce that after the Elite Road National Championships from 14th-16th February our involvement will end.  As it stands today, unless a buyer is found, RoadCycling.co.nz will cease to function.  

There are a number of reasons for this decision.  The minor reasons are around it being financially unsustainable.  In five and a half years it’s been a frustrating trend that although the audience has grown year by year the income has not; in fact it has dwindled.  The business has become harder and harder to sustain, not easier and easier; and sadly we’re at the point now where we simply can’t continue.  If we had freedom to work office hours and develop a strong sales arm this may have been different, but as you’ll read later this has not been possible.

The principle reason around our decision, however, is grounded in the effect the last five and a half years has had on my family.  Two things that I prioritise above business and work are my faith and my family.  For the last five and a half years there has existed an element of compromise in these areas.  Throughout this period of time it’s been a compromise we’ve been prepared to weather, focussing on a goal of one day being able to be full-time with RoadCycling.co.nz; and therefore being able to work from home and be more present with my family.  

For those who don’t know, this has never been my full-time occupation, everything that has been published, written, videoed etc has been done in the early hours before work, in the late hours after work or in lunch breaks during it.  This has meant being away from my family during weekends for races, excusing myself at meals to conduct interviews and write articles, and giving my wife the load of looking after our children while I sit in the living room working on content.  It has meant missing out on church and spending days off often too tired to engage fully with my wife and children.

Marion and I were aware when we started that there would be sacrifice involved in pursuing this dream, but with the dream proving more and more unattainable this is a sacrifice I am not willing to pay any longer.  We resolved when we started that we could handle losing the business, we couldn’t handle losing family.  So this is what we are doing now, losing our business and keeping our family.

To everyone we have interviewed over the years we thank you so much for your involvement.  To the coaches and writers and contributors who have inputed into RoadCycling.co.nz thank you for your time, your thoughts, your words that have benefited New Zealand cycling.  To our readers and viewers, we’ve had a wonderful time publishing content for you and are so glad that you read and watched it!

Our special thanks have to go to Summer Glow who have sponsored us from the very start all the way to the end.  We owe a great debt of gratitude to the involvement of Eugene Bonthuys over the years, covering my blind spots and taking some of the weight off my shoulders with your expertise.  Also to Steve Stannard and the team at Gravel and Tar who have been on the journey with us for the last three years; partnering with you has been a wonderful privilege that we have never taken lightly.

Finally, on a personal note, to Marion, Israel, Brayden and Madi-Rose; my whanau.  Thank you for being so patient with me all this time.  To Marion, thanks for all the behind-the-scenes work you’ve done to release me to write and video and interview and work.  This journey may be at an end but ours is still very, very young.

We will continue to seek a buyer for RoadCycling.co.nz but as it stands content will stop the week of the 17th-23rd February.

Many thanks,



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