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Scott Addict R1 2008 Review

addictr1_sml.jpgThe new race bike is now a 2008 Addict R1 kitted out with Campy Record (10 speed) and Mavic Cosmic Carbones. It's probably about time I put into writing how this frame is standing up against the other bikes I have owned.





Since delivery I have spent some time on the bike training, competed in a number of races, and have been on a boy's training weekend with this bike. Let's look at how the Addict R1 is faring against some of the criteria that makes owning road bikes so enjoyable.

The Look: 10/10
The Scott Addict R1 looks the business. So many people seem to peel off stickers and repaint their frames in an attempt to make their bike look stealth. 

The Addict R1 is a black bike out of the box.  There is something about an all black bike that has a general appeal. (forgive the pun for those New Zealanders)


It has some silver Scott stickers but don’t be fooled by the pictures. When you stand in front of this bike it looks stealth. Scott have done away with the usual carbon layer that cover most frames. This gives the frame a very sheek shiney black look. Once you see this you realise the carbon fibre look is not what you were looking for, it was actually the black shine! In fact my carbon bars and stem look stupid now and I am looking to upgrade to the Ritchey Wet look stem to match the frame.

My previous race bike was the CR-1 Team and as much as I love the performance of the CR-1, to be honest the yellow decals just didn’t do it for me.


The Addict R1 certainly holds its own visually at the boys training weekends when standing next to the Pinarello Paris, Colnago C50 or a Kuota Khan.


Weight: 10/10
There isn’t much to say about the Addict when it comes to weight. This is the lightest production road frame in the world! Period! Partly this is due to the removal of the cosmetic carbon fibre layer that most bikes have on the outside to make them look like carbon. Scott have done away with that and instead gone with black paint and gloss coat.

When my 58.5 cm frame can be built up with off the shelf components and come in significantly under the legal UCI weight limit you know that Scott have got this right. A 790 gm frame is very, very light.

Stiffness: 10/10
Although I am not really one to be talking about stiffness due to my total lack of leg power, the Addict R1 is quite a lot stiffer than the CR1 and the Cervelo bikes I have owned. I would imagine there are ways to test this in various mechanical contraptions and I will try and find some results to post later. My crankset is Campy Ultratorque and to me this combination feels strong, responsive and stiff.

Geometry: 9/10
The Addict R1 has changed the geometry quite a bit from the previous CR1 design. There is a lot written by Scott about how they wanted to design a racing bike that was more stretched out and lower in the front end. This is exactly what has resulted with the Addict.


While a 1cm top tube length and 1cm lower steerer tube measurement might not seem much, when you ride this bike you notice the difference.


Compared with my previous Scott CR1 the Addict position is much more aggressive.  


We riders love the fact that we can purchase bikes that are ridden in the Tour de France and other great races, and if you are looking for a race bike this is it.

Handling: 10/10
Wow, the Addict is a handling demon. Where I live, handling is so important due to the large number of steep downhill roads (flipside of course is getting home). The Addict performs admirably in every test I have thrown at it to date.

Some previous bikes I have owned have been unstable when you approach 100kmh, or even in one case got the wobbles at 85kph.

My assumption is that the lengthening of the geometry has helped the handling as I believe the Addict performs better than my CR-1.

Overall: 10/10
Wrapping up my thoughts on the Addict R1 is this - I am not going back! This is now my number 1 bike, and will be for a while to come.

The Addict is fast, light, stiff and looks so damn fine that everyone who rode one would want one. If Scott came to me and offered an upgrade to the Addict Limited I don’t think I would even do that because I love the look of the R1 so much. (but Scott, if you are reading this feel free to try).

The Addict is sitting in my garage waiting for those special fine days to be brought out for the Sunday ride or for race day where it can unleash its power.


July 2008



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