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Wellington to Auckland Challenge


What: Wellington to Auckland 7 Day Cycle Challenge

Where: Wellington to Auckland

When: 14-20th February 2010

How far: 740km

Who's it for: All

Run by: Dynamo Events

Visit the Official website for entry details, training guides etc...


The Lion Foundation Wellington to Auckland Cycle Challenge is a seven day bike ride open to male and female competitors of any age. It is a cycle “CHALLENGE” with most days being split up into two stages.


This event is designed to cater for everyone, from the elite riders who want to “race hard” to the very competitive masters cyclist who like to race, and all the other keen cyclists who want a challenge and some fun along the way.


The ride is run like a tour but with the necessary changes to allow everyone to compete. You are not eliminated from the cycle challenge if you are unable to finish one of the stages. Yes, you can just start again in the next stage, however you will not have an overall ride time or be able to be placed in your age group.


The event also provides for an “Early Group” this group get to start before the others and gives them the opportunity to get well into the stage before the faster cyclists catch up. The concept is “anyone can do it” but it is a challenge.


There is many competitions within the ride, overall winner, age groups, sprint and hill climbs. The Most Impressive competition winner could be you. Anyone no matter what your ability is, could WIN this competition.


The Elite competitors will not ride with the Cycle Challenge competitors. There will only be an Elite Race category if there is enough entrants.



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