The points race brought to an end the Rio Olympic omnium that featured just one Kiwi, Lauren Ellis.  Heading into the second day Ellis was lying in seventh place; with a pretty enormous task to try and get to within having a shot at a medal.  By the end of Lauren Ellis’ omnium she’d turned herself inside out to leap from seventh to fourth.

Day 2 of the women’s omnium featured three events with the flying lap, the 500m time trial and the points race wrapping things up.  While the flying lap and 500m time trial are now outlawed from the UCI omnium, the points race will continue to remain a fixture; and if Ellis’ performance in Rio is anything to go by we are so glad it will!

25km, or 100 laps of the track separated the women from the end of the event with Laura Trott of Team GB primed for another victory, but it was Ellis who stole the show.  First of all she managed to escape with a group of five riders, taking two sprint points along the way to also lapping the field and gaining another 20.  

Next Ellis did it again in a group that included Laura Trott to gain a second lap, and then a third.  All in all Ellis ended the points race with 73 points.  If the points race were still part of the Olympic programme as an individual event that would have been enough to have taken silver in that field as just one rider – Amalie Dideriksen of Denmark – produced more points with 85.  The  results saw Ellis leap from seventh to fourth just 10 points shy of bronze; but it was easily one of the greatest rides of our Kiwi campaign.


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